Passionate Thinker

Bio: I'm on a journey! I'm spending time with self learning more about the woman in the mirror every day. I'm inspired to leave this world a much better place than when I entered by using my voice and telling my story. Keeping the world informed of the chaos that erupts at many moments of any given day in the blink of an eye the world as we know it changes every day.. I sit back and think about the legacy I want to leave and I want it to be one of greatness. I am determined. I am courageous. I'm willing to go that extra mile. I'm willing to grab the baton passed on by my ancestors and continue to fight for what is right, we need more freedom fighters. People who will not fall for the status quo. People who are not afraid to say "I am my Brother's Keeper" and there ain't nothing you can do about it. One love from me to you and you to me. We are all in this together and together is the only way we will see the light of day and come out at the top! Together we will win!

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