In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Audience of One.”

Audience of One………..Who is the One in which we have so much to tell? We all have that One person whom we admire, loathe, love to hate, hate to love. This person for me could have destroyed me but instead empowered me to be the leader in which I expected to lead me and show me the correct way to do things the right way.  I became a student of my industry to one day be the teacher and teach millions of people how to create and live the lives of their dreams.

Being a newbie in the Networking industry I meet many personalities but one person in particular struck me as the leader of all leaders. Her posture was strong, she meant business and she was a force to be reckoned with I admired her tenacity and courage. Something about her I trusted her and her business leadership and believed she had my best interest at heart but I learned a lot within a short amount of time and I realized………

I need to be the leader I wish to see in this world, I need to bring my A+ game to the table at all times and that took learning what I had with my business and building the courage within me to take everything to higher heights leading with value and integrity. My destiny is sky is the limit and no one person can stop me from getting there only me so truly at the end of the day I speak from my audience of one: Self!


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