Family Travel to Montego Bay Jamaica

I recently came back from Montego Bay Jamaica and stayed at the Riu Montego Bay. I was very surprised by the amount of families I met who stayed at the resort. There was such a mixed and diverse group of people but everyone co existed and all in all Riu Montego Bay is a very family friendly resort. The buffet served to be the best option for families because they had a little bit of something for everyone but the resort also did have three specialty restaurants, The Riu Steakhouse, Asian cuisine and Little Italy. Reservations had to be made for the specialty restaurants but at no additional cost. Everything was all-inclusive including the little Jerk Hut on the beach that had the best jerk chicken on the island. The jerk could be spicy for the children but you can ask to hold the jerk sauce and now you have the best grilled chicken on the island. The best time to hit the pool area with the little ones was in the morning since all the people who had a little much to drink the night before probably slept in. I was an early riser exploring the island, untouched before the madness started. The beach was rockier than I liked but the scenery made up for the rocks. I felt so at peace staring out into the clear blue ocean and the lovely palm dreams, I was in paradise! The only downside to this hotel was they had no suites! The ocean view rooms were just a tad bit spacier than the regular accommodations. Everyone who works at Riu were really pleasant from our bartender Erol who kept the jokes coming to the woman who booked our excursions from JTO Tours. Everyone wanted to make sure we had a good time and made sure we were safe while doing so. I would definitely recommend the Riu to my clients with 1-2 children but larger families require larger accommodations so hopefully Riu will be able to upgrade and offer the highest accommodation levels


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