#DPCHALLENGE Alone on the Playground

#DPCHALLENGE Alone on the Playground

Little girl alone on the playground not playing but daydreaming. Dreaming of another world an unfamiliar world none like this one that she is currently in. She has rode that same playscape so many times and as she sits back and counts the many times in her head she is envisioning a far away place that is more magical. Where the imaginary animals that are before her now are now real in her mind and vivid and she can touch them and they will react to her touch and she knows that there is a big world outside of her current small space. This picture brings me back to my childhood and we had an area park we frequented often but as you get familiar you get bored and you crave something new and more adventurous. I plan to provide the adventure and magic that is missing within so many children. The gift of travel and being able to see the world through your childrens eyes is a magical experience and my goal is to get more Boston area families travelling in 2014 and this little girl sitting alone in the park is my inspiration.


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