In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Audience of One.”

Audience of One………..Who is the One in which we have so much to tell? We all have that One person whom we admire, loathe, love to hate, hate to love. This person for me could have destroyed me but instead empowered me to be the leader in which I expected to lead me and show me the correct way to do things the right way.  I became a student of my industry to one day be the teacher and teach millions of people how to create and live the lives of their dreams.

Being a newbie in the Networking industry I meet many personalities but one person in particular struck me as the leader of all leaders. Her posture was strong, she meant business and she was a force to be reckoned with I admired her tenacity and courage. Something about her I trusted her and her business leadership and believed she had my best interest at heart but I learned a lot within a short amount of time and I realized………

I need to be the leader I wish to see in this world, I need to bring my A+ game to the table at all times and that took learning what I had with my business and building the courage within me to take everything to higher heights leading with value and integrity. My destiny is sky is the limit and no one person can stop me from getting there only me so truly at the end of the day I speak from my audience of one: Self!



Can I please have a moment of silence? What can be accomplished in a moment of silence? You can gain new insight, new understanding a new approach. We all must learn to take a moment of silence and listen to the little voice that is always there speaking to us but we don’t always pay attention because there is so much noise blocking the little voice which is trying to get through. I find myself trying to take the lead in conversations but I understand that when I take the time and actually listen and process what the other person is saying I get so much more out of that conversation. Some people leave a lot of things unsaid so you have to learn to read between the lines, learn to read those silent moments because it is in those moments you will learn some extremly profound things about the speaker but most importantly yourself. There is a lesson in everything you just have to search for it, learn from it, acknowledge it and move on. #dpchallange #silence

Family Travel to Montego Bay Jamaica

I recently came back from Montego Bay Jamaica and stayed at the Riu Montego Bay. I was very surprised by the amount of families I met who stayed at the resort. There was such a mixed and diverse group of people but everyone co existed and all in all Riu Montego Bay is a very family friendly resort. The buffet served to be the best option for families because they had a little bit of something for everyone but the resort also did have three specialty restaurants, The Riu Steakhouse, Asian cuisine and Little Italy. Reservations had to be made for the specialty restaurants but at no additional cost. Everything was all-inclusive including the little Jerk Hut on the beach that had the best jerk chicken on the island. The jerk could be spicy for the children but you can ask to hold the jerk sauce and now you have the best grilled chicken on the island. The best time to hit the pool area with the little ones was in the morning since all the people who had a little much to drink the night before probably slept in. I was an early riser exploring the island, untouched before the madness started. The beach was rockier than I liked but the scenery made up for the rocks. I felt so at peace staring out into the clear blue ocean and the lovely palm dreams, I was in paradise! The only downside to this hotel was they had no suites! The ocean view rooms were just a tad bit spacier than the regular accommodations. Everyone who works at Riu were really pleasant from our bartender Erol who kept the jokes coming to the woman who booked our excursions from JTO Tours. Everyone wanted to make sure we had a good time and made sure we were safe while doing so. I would definitely recommend the Riu to my clients with 1-2 children but larger families require larger accommodations so hopefully Riu will be able to upgrade and offer the highest accommodation levels

Spending Time

Spending Time

My inspiration strengthen the family bond through travel. My family is at it’s happiest moment when we are exploring the world with each other. The magic I see in my childrens eyes shows me that the money spent was well worth it because the memories we created are priceless. Boston Families Travel Together is a movement in which I am 100% dedicated and will continue to pursue to get more Boston area families travelling, exploring the world together and making that family bond that much stronger. Live, Love, Travel ~ Bank On It Travel~

#DPCHALLENGE Alone on the Playground

#DPCHALLENGE Alone on the Playground

Little girl alone on the playground not playing but daydreaming. Dreaming of another world an unfamiliar world none like this one that she is currently in. She has rode that same playscape so many times and as she sits back and counts the many times in her head she is envisioning a far away place that is more magical. Where the imaginary animals that are before her now are now real in her mind and vivid and she can touch them and they will react to her touch and she knows that there is a big world outside of her current small space. This picture brings me back to my childhood and we had an area park we frequented often but as you get familiar you get bored and you crave something new and more adventurous. I plan to provide the adventure and magic that is missing within so many children. The gift of travel and being able to see the world through your childrens eyes is a magical experience and my goal is to get more Boston area families travelling in 2014 and this little girl sitting alone in the park is my inspiration.

Family Travel

 am ily Travel

Travel is my passion. Travel with my family is life long memories that I will hold near and dear to my heart for years to come. My goal is to create affordable travel opportunities for the families of Boston and hopefully beyond. Families should share the gift of travel together, children grow up way too fast so we have to cherish the time that we have & Live, Love, Travel! Bank On It!!

Name your Top Family Destination for 2014?